THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 10-Day Challenge + LIVE Coaching WILL Make The Change Your Are Looking For
Over 10 days, we'll show you how to...
Uncover your true purpose, gain confidence and manifest 2021 into your 
biggest year ever!
I want to personally work with you and help you clear the negative repeating patterns & behaviour holding you
back from
The Think Create Manifest 10-Day Challenge is a LIVE Small-Group Coaching event for 20 people just like you. There are only ever 100 people only in total across five groups - This process is so successful we fill 90% of the event through referrals, so there are very few openings.

If this page is online right now, there are several spots remaining...

The hardest change you'll ever make is to yourself

Even when you know your life must change, knowing your happiness or that, your life depends on it!
Most people would prefer to stick than move.

Join us LIVE for the 
10-Day Think Create Manifest Challenge 

A life of your dreams, finding and doing what you love, full of purpose and fulfilment, is possible and within your grasp. 

Manifestation gets a bad rap because the process isn’t taught correctly.

Manifestation is not a process of “sitting around thinking about luxury cars in your driveway”, and they magically appear. The real secret is that manifestation will never work for you unless you’re actively participating in the process.

The “Think, Create, and Manifest Challenge” is a practical way to start or reset that journey to finding your truth and potential over 10 Days.

You know your thoughts, beliefs, and actions determine the path of your life.

The problem is your thoughts and beliefs may not be yours, and every action takes you further of course. Over time, off-course thoughts become patterns and, eventually, beliefs. 

Patterns are more comfortable to repeat than to break. These patterns and your reactions to them are not consciously chosen and not even yours. 

Your first thought may be to disregard this, “this is not going to work for me”. 

Remember it is patterns and beliefs such as those not serving you actively defending their existence through self-sabotage and not taking action when you have the chance. Being unhappy and unfulfilled is familiar and searching for distraction helps protect this behaviour without breaking it. 

The question is, do you knowingly repeat the behaviour - stay unhappy, familiar and safe, or change it and all for the better?

We’ve broken this into simple blocks, with training, exercises and live to coach, and the support of nineteen people on the same journey as you.
If you’re troubled with your place in life but are still reading - trust your instinct.

What you do next will change your life or
keep it exactly the same.
It's always been your choice.

Manifestation training almost always comes with a complete LACK OF PROCESS and ESPECIALLY OUTCOMES! We created an activity that not only gets you to a point where you can do this quickly and on-demand but has an exact method and process for manifesting, and it working on command!


You are tackling the most challenging area first and breaking current programming not serving you and identify what you love versus what you need — clearing the path for making whole-hearted decisions and unblocking your creativity, a robust manifestation process.


With the roadblock of real creativity removed, you are free to tap the source of true manifestation. This week you learn how to harness effortless power versus effortful force and the daily routines to access that power. 


In the last and most powerful section of the challenge, you’ll learn to identify why manifestations and change fail for you. We’ll demonstrate how to clear and enhance your willingness and ability to manifest a life you deserve to live. 

Join us at the LIVE
10-Day Think, Create & Manifest Group Challenge 

This 21 Day Challenge breaks through the barriers keeping you from what you want most out of life. Unblock your thinking, break old habits and patterns, tap into your creativity on-demand and powerfully manifest the life you truly deserve.


At anytime during, and up to 30 days after purchase, If you believe we have not delivered on any of this, just as for your money back.
No questions asked!

  • 8+ Hours Live Group Coaching over 10 Days (worth $550) 
  • 3 x Supporting Lessons (worth $697)
  • Live WhatsApp Support Group & Coaching (worth $397)
  • Weekly Practical Challenge Exercises 
  • LIVE Small-Group Coaching 20 Places Only! 
I have been exactly where you are...
From Leah Kalamakis
Chiang Mai, Thailand
I was just where you are now. 

Searching without knowing what I was looking for - feeling empty and unfilled. Nothing ever felt enough. The more I had, the emptier I felt. I spent my time in the pursuit of more things, more friends, and more money. I was always chasing "more", I believed "more" would make everything better, and I only felt this way because I do not have enough. Having more changed nothing; in fact, it made it worse.

I consumed myself with having more instead of being more. 

I had seen this event many times over the year and dismissed it as woo-woo stuff that sounded too good to be accurate and wouldn't change anything. I waited until my lowest point before I gave it a try. I wish I signed up for Think Create Manifest months before. 

This work started me on a journey that is leaving me more fulfilled, connected and joyful for the first time years. 

If you feel like this is familiar to you in any way, take this first step, and you have a fantastic opportunity to happier and more fulfilled than you may have been for some time.
Don't just take our word for it...
See what others have said about their TCM Experience!
ANDREW LOUIS OSTROM - Sydney, Australia
“I liken TCM to the Karate Kid. Danielson, an ego-centric kid learns Karate from a book. It’s all head. He meets Mr Miyagi and through a long process of unlearning and relearning he learns that Karate comes from the heart, not the head. When he gets it, he begins to self actualise.
Like Karate, you can’t learn this process from a book or a bunch of Instagram posts or YouTube videos. So many of these concepts I “got”. Then I began learning from somebody that lives it, Amir and Jamie.

This is a great introductory course and the beginning of a journey of discovery. Thank you Amir and thank you Jamie. Your guidance has been exactly what my soul has been searching for. So glad I found you guys.”
NICKY FOLEY - Sydney, Australia
“The TCM program gave me a much clearer understanding of not only what true manifestation is, but also how we use it in our daily lives and how to create the space needed to move with what I feel to do.”
KARL JAMES - Gold Coast, Australia
“I would love to thank Amir and his team for the opportunity to be involved in the Think, Create, Manifest program, I still practice the disciplines months after the program and feel real benefits in incorporating them in my life. Thanks again to the AZ team.”
“Amir helped me understand where my true power comes from, how to align with it and use it. I don’t “effort” so much to get what I want because of understanding how to use the power and how manifestation actually works. I’ve learned how to live life more spontaneously with trust, as Amir says, “follow the feeling”. I have become more skilled at tuning in to what is true for me and how following the feeling actually plays out. It is so very worthwhile taking this journey with Amir.” ”
LEAH KALAMAKIS - Chiang Mai, Thailand
“Over the years I have read so many books, done so many programs, learned so many techniques and methods to try and manifest things in my life. I could never understand how these things supposedly worked for others but never for me. No matter what I would try to fix, change or get in my life through manifestation techniques, nothing truly sustainable would happen.
Turns out I had it all wrong. Turns out there is one fundamental reason why I was failing horribly at manifesting in my life. And I only understood it because of Amir and what he teaches in TCM.
Everything changed for me once I realised this. I was finally able to manifest exactly what I love, WITHOUT the endless repetitive techniques that wasted so much of my time and created so much frustration for me. If you’ve tried to be, do or have more in your life through manifestation techniques, without lasting success, this program is your missing link. Run don’t walk to get yourself registered if it’s ever offered again.”
Your limits are yours to change.
Let's change them together.
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