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Is there a part of you that feels like there must be something more to life?
Surely your life cannot be an endless loop of trying to fix, improve and change? Only to find out you feel the same anyway! 
The Wisdom Truth Freedom (WTF?!) is a LIVE, small-group 10-Day Self-Actualisation Challenge.
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It's time to stop going around in circles, making excuses and finally do something for yourself.
Whether your life is going great on paper and you feel you should be happy even though you really aren't — or everything is clearly falling apart.

You know deep in your heart that something is missing. 

You KNOW that this is not how you want your life to be playing out. You are missing something; there's a hole in your life, and it is calling you - constantly. 

It's mostly a whisper, but every so often, it ROARS! 

It triggers your thinking that "this is not how life is supposed to be. There must be something more". If only you could figure out how to fix, improve, or change, you would be happy, right? 

Well, yes and no.

Yes, maybe momentarily, you find happiness. But eventually, that same feeling that there's got to be something more to life than this — comes back.

It might be feeling uncertain about your finances and you believe more money or a higher-paying job will fix it.

Maybe you feel unhappy in your relationship and believe finding a different person or being more loved by your current partner is the way forward.

You may not love your body and believe losing weight will make you feel better.

You may not love your job, but what else would you do when you don't know what you love? Never mind knowing what your life's purpose could be!

The deeper you look into the areas you believe need attention, the closer you end up looking at yourself - your authentic self. But, getting really real and honest with who you are, what you've done can be overwhelming...

And nothing stops transformation faster or more suddenly than bring overwhelmed. 

Even getting past this and fixing the "surface issues" in your life, most people still find that there's something still missing. 

Client after client come to me with this same feeling.

What I share in The WTF?! 10-Day Challenge will not only transform you, but it will transform your career and the relationships with the people you care about most.

You will find yourself being committed in life but far less attached to outcomes that do not truly matter to you that keep taking you off course. 

That empty or missing feeling disappears for good, and your life will truly transform for good.
Hi there,

When I was a young man, someone extraordinary shared something powerful with me. I’m going to call this something powerful, “The Seed”.
"The Seed" allows me to experience life as though it is limitless. 

I experience my ambitions as though they have no boundaries, and I seem to find a great sense of self-fulfilment that's not limited to my results or outcomes in life. 

I'm not a "high in the clouds, fluffy woo-woo" guy! What I'm talking about is not limited to the intangible; in fact, I experience it tangibly in my everyday life.

The awareness and wisdom that "the Seed" continues to offer me are directly responsible for how I get to live my life today. Below I've listed 5 points of what my life looks like. 

I wanted to quickly add an important point - I don't "work" for a living.
1. I get to live where I love to live! Drive what I love to, and live the lifestyle that I love with my family….including fantastic family holidays.

2. I get to be who I came here to be: coaching hundreds of clients from around the world and offering exclusive retreats that offer to transform their lives.

3. I get to be a dad to my two kids, a husband to my wife. This means I get to choose the time I share with my family.

4. And importantly, I have time! I can pick up the kids from school any time I want to; I get to the gym every morning for 2 hours (that's all I can physically do) and still have time to sit down afterwards for coffee and breakfast at the cafe's I love by the beach.

5. I ONLY do what I love: fly aerobatic planes in one of my businesses.
Here's the thing, "the Seed" cannot be taught to you or learnt; it must be experienced!

So you see, I can't just give you "the Seed" right now in these words. I can only share with you how it was shared with me. So below is how I'm going to share "the Seed" with you:

1. I require 10 days with you, where I will have the opportunity to break down "the seed" into four segments. Each segment contains 2 videos that I have recorded for you.

2. Most importantly, I will then meet you live online after you have watched each segment. This is a critical step in the process.

3. I will be providing you with a challenge each time we meet, which will enable you to experience "The Seed". You will be doing this with other like-minded people who are taking in this experience with you. This ensures that you can experience "the Seed" rather than being limited to you just intellectualising it.

So to get started, the first step is to register by clicking below.

When I share "the Seed" with you, I know it will transform your life and what becomes infinitely possible for you. I see this every when I share it with hundreds of people from all corners of the world.

It changes everything!

WTF?! CHALLENGE UPDATE: this is the last time I will be offering my live coaching in Wisdom Truth Freedom Challenge?! for just $97 - if you join us BEFORE 8th November 2021, you can join me for the last live training at $97! 

~ Amir

PS. The video below asks and answers some of the questions we find come up all the time.
Join The ALL-NEW WISDOM TRUTH FREEDOM (WTF?!) 10-Day Challenge!
This 10-Day Challenge breaks through the barriers keeping you from what you want most out of life. Unblock your thinking, break old habits and patterns, tap into your creativity on-demand and powerfully manifest the life you truly deserve.

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This 5-Day Challenge breaks through the barriers keeping you from what you want most out of life. Unblock your thinking, improve your decision making, remove procrastination, which in turn breaks old habits and patterns! 

Creating fast-flowing progress and achievement is such a mighty positive change in yourself that it is not only possible, but it is also impossible to stop!

Tap into your on-demand superpower and powerfully manifest the life you truly deserve.
Your intuition is your natural gift. 

It will revolutionise your work, guide your life and set you squarely and powerfully onto your purpose. This course will give you the most fantastic kickstart into your Wisdom Truth Freedom coaching program.

Wisdom Truth Freedom (WTF?!) Coaching Program (worth $997) and The Intuitive Warrior Challenge FREE (worth $97)
- $1094 of Coaching ALL FOR JUST $97!

More experiences from WTF?!

Before you go...
From Leah Kalamakis
Chiang Mai, Thailand
I was just where you are now. 

Searching without knowing what I was looking for - feeling empty and unfilled. Nothing ever felt enough. The more I had, the emptier I felt. I spent my time searching for "more" - more money, more shoes, more friends - just more! I always chased "more" because I believed "more" would make everything better. I later realised that I only felt this way because I felt that I was not enough. Having more changed nothing; in fact, it made it worse.

I was consumed with HAVING more instead of BEING more. 

I had seen Amirs videos many times over the year and dismissed it as "fluffy hippy-stuff" - it just sounded too good to be true and wouldn't actually change anything. 

So I did what we all seem to do and waited until my absolute lowest point before I gave it a try. I wish I signed up for the Wisdom Truth Freedom Experience years ago. 

This work gave some amazing realisations, helped me truly start to understand how powerful I truly am. It started me on a journey that left me more fulfilled, connected, and joyful for the first time in years. 

If this feels familiar to you in any way, take a small step right now to become happier and more fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is NOT for...
Anyone looking for a "magic pill" to fix, improve or change their lives. This program works when you work on yourself. It's about you "Self-Realising". When you transform your relationship with your "Self", YOU will transform your life! 
Why is this program worth $997 but you are selling it for $97?
For many, this is the first time they have heard of me and my work, and the Wisdom Truth Freedom Challenge is my foundation course. I taught WTF all over the world in crowded event spaces in a different city over two days every weekend for 15 years at $997 per ticket. With COVID and bringing this online we are able to reach more people without the costs of event spaces and staff.

WTF?! is the most powerful starting point for anyone wanting to create lasting change and happiness in their life. My mission is to bring this to as many people as possible. Money can be a significant obstacle for many people to excuse themselves from doing the work. A low price means one less excuse and more people doing it.
What times are the live zoom calls with Amir Zoghi?
Five live sessions take place at the same time over ten days. We record all live sessions, and you have access to them as part of this program. Zoom call times are announced closer to the kick-off date of the WTF 10-day challenge. 
Is this course just a sales pitch for something else?
The 10-Day Wisdom Truth Freedom Challenge is a core part of my process. Learning this is a starting point to go deeper, and of course, you can go further with me if you choose to, but WTF?! is entirely standalone and can be done and give you enough to be happier and make some change and empower you greatly to go in any direction we choose. Only at the very end will we show what we do next, and without pressure. It's just not who we are. 
What if I can't make any of the Live sessions?
It's powerful to take part in the live sessions with Amir. You can ask questions, receive coaching and interact with Amir, and learning from the other program participants as you go. We've had participants who couldn't make any of the sessions live and still complete the program with excellent results simply by listening to all the recordings. During the ten-day Challenge, you also have direct access to Amir via a private group chat. If you complete the lessons, stay up to date, and ensure that you don't fall behind, this program will work for you! 
How much time do I need to dedicate to this?
As much time as it takes, this 10-day Challenge will transform your life, don't worry about the time it will take. Ten days is plenty of time to process the seven short WTF content videos. You'll receive one or two videos every second or third day in addition to taking part in Amir's five live one hour sessions. 
Will other people be joining the live sessions?
Yes, the live calls with Amir Zoghi are group sessions exclusively for the people participating in the WTF 10-day Challenge. 
What support do I get during the 10-day Challenge?
All participants are invited to join a private and secure live chat service called WhatsApp. Once you're part of our WhatsApp group, you will have direct access to Amir and his certified AZ program facilitators via the group chat. All attendees have 24/10 support - that's 24 hours a day for ten days. AZ program Facilitators operate in different time zones around the world, so there's always someone present in the chat to respond. In addition, Amir reads ALL the comments/questions and personally responds to them accordingly.  
How do I join the Live sessions with Amir Zoghi?
Once you've paid and registered for the 10-day Challenge, you will receive an invite to register for the Live calls via Zoom. 
What if I miss one of the Live sessions with Amir Zoghi?
All Live sessions are recorded. 
Do I get to keep the WTF content?
Yes, you can download it and have lifetime access via login to our membership site. 
Do you offer a refund?
Yes, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.
This is your defining .
Your life is in your hands, what you do next can change everything!
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