Isn't time you STOPPED wondering what's missing in your life & just find it?
Haven't you spent enough time repeating the same unfulfilled life, hoping for change that never comes?
Sometimes things start to fall apart and you just don’t know who you are or what the hell you’re doing anymore?

Why does that deep pit of emptiness consume your soul?

You might’ve asked, why can’t I stop chasing the next moment and just enjoy life? I mean, does life really have to be a constant rush or push to accomplish something?

We often have to lose ourselves to find ourselves, but what does that really mean?

How do we truly find ourselves, and what are the ramifications of never re-discovering who we really are and what we came to be here and do.
Who are you? Really?
You may be a high achiever and lead a life that many people dream of living, and yet you still feel like something’s missing; something is not enough, or you’re not enough.

Maybe you’ve walked the spiritual path and despite what you’ve recognised and discovered through the spiritual teachings, they still fall short.

You may have invested in multiple personal development programs only to find your enthusiasm withers away, or you burn out after hustling for years.

And then, you find yourself asking those same questions!

What am I doing? Is this what life is about?
Why am I still not happy? Why am I still searching for something more?
Will I ever be happy with who I am and what I accomplish?
Or am I always going to feel like I’m not enough because
I just can’t stop comparing myself to others?

Those burning unanswered questions may have taken you from book to podcast to seminar to guru in order to find yourself. But for some reason, even after finding a piece of yourself, you’re still feeling incomplete.

The real question is, who do you need to become to find yourself?

And who do you think you’ll be when you do find yourself?!
That's where the WTF?! Challenge comes in.
(and helps you realise why everything else you’ve tried didn’t completely satisfy your soul)
I’m familiar with the mental chatter that sometimes gets so loud that you just don’t know which way to turn. I get you may not know what you want, but you know that where you are is NOT where you want to be.

I understand why you may find it difficult to attain peace of mind, or tap into your infinite potential at any given moment.

I clearly remember the times I asked myself, Is life really supposed to be so painful? Why does this continue to happen to me?

Will I ever find happiness or have the life that I feel that I came here to live? But then I realised the truth: life wasn’t happening to me it was happening for me, to realise who I am.

Today, I share with thousands of people from all corners of the world a very clear path, which allows them to rediscover their true capacity and eternal joy. 

What if I told you that you can have that too?
You CAN learn how to access your infinite potential and use it to realise your purpose and live a life you genuinely love

A life that makes your soul soar and feels deeply fulfilling yet doesn’t require the pain and struggle that you put into making things work, as you do now.

Would you do what it takes to have that life?
If you’re seriously tired of living with a noisy mind and a limited (and sometimes) sabotaging mindset; if you want to operate from an empowered space and own your life…

The LIVE Wisdom Truth Freedom Starts This Monday!
Join The WTF?! 7-Day Challenge
The Wisdom Truth Freedom (WTF?!) 7-Day Challenge is a transformational SELF-REALISATION program focused on guiding you back to yourself.

The seven days are a completely mind-blowing experience that will have you saying, “What the f∞ck?!” — and probably out loud. Don’t worry, everyone does!

That’s because The WTF?! is unlike anything out there

It’s a practical and tangible experience, which shows you how to access your intuition and use it to empower your everyday life. 

It squashes all the quick-fix schemes and 5-step processes that keep you chasing your tail. It’s NOT about fixing, improving or changing your life circumstances in order to be happy—that’s the fundamental difference of this program!

This challenge is purely about helping you connect back to yourself, to who you truly are and not who you pretend or think you need to be.

Because when you know how to find your way back to yourself despite the noise in your mind, despite the noises in your world, you can tap into your infinite potential and use it to create a life you’re in love with.

You’ll come to realise that who you are and how you show up has everything to do with how you experience life.

✨  Recognise and free yourself from limited thinking patterns that continue to hold you back.
✨  Learn how to be in a flow state or present at will.
✨  Understand why you repeat the same challenges in life and how to get past them forever.
✨  Uncover the real reason you choose to play small (yes, you’re choosing that!).
✨  Tap into your infinite creativity (infinite mindset) and use it to see unlimited possibilities (solutions and ideas).

100% Money-Back Guarantee 

Up to 30 days after purchase, If you believe we have not delivered on our promises, just ask for your back AND you keep the course!
No questions asked!
  • 12 part WTF video series (valued $997) 
  • 7-day all access to a private group and an AZ facilitator (valued $550)
  • 1:1 coaching session with an AZ facilitator (valued $220)
  • Guided “Oneness meditation” (valued $47) 

That is over $1800 of live coaching value!
And you get it for $47! 

If you’re serious about change and don’t want to continue living the same life, then ACT NOW and start your transformation. Your next LIVE WTF?! starts this Monday!

Watch how WTF?! has changed their lives - people just like you.

Hi, I'm Amir Zoghi,

When I was a young man someone very special shared something extremely powerful with me.
I call this “The Seed”.
“The Seed” allows me to experience life as though it is limitless. I experience my ambitions as though they have no boundaries, and I find a great sense of self-fulfilment that's not limited to my results or outcomes in life.

I'm not a "high in the clouds, fluffy woo-woo" guy. What I'm talking about is not limited to the intangible; in fact, I experience it tangibly in my everyday life.

The wisdom that "The Seed" continues to offer me is directly responsible for how I get to live my life today.
Below I've listed five points giving you a snapshot of what my life looks like. And please know, I don’t share it to impress you, nor is it to boast.
I share it for you to see that I walk my talk; I AM LIVING THIS.

I have the life I love. I get to be who I love to be, and everything I have is NOT from hustling, grinding, manipulating or pushing for my results.

Secondly, I show you what my life looks like so you realise YOU can be the person you came here to be.
You can live the life you came here to live if you first realise your true power.

The lifestyle YOU LOVE is possible and it can happen effortlessly—without pushing, forcing and making it happen.
Welcome to what is my life.

1. I get to live where I love. I drive what I love and enjoy a lifestyle I deeply appreciate with my family. That includes travelling the world and taking magnificent family holidays.

2. I get to be who I came here to be. That involves coaching thousands of clients from around the world and offering exclusive retreats that transform people’s lives.

3. I get to be a dad to my two amazing kids. I can drop them off and pick them up from school any time I choose.

4. My lifestyle. I choose how and who I spend my time with. I live in an incredible part of the world, which allows me to experience great food, coffee, and restaurants. Most mornings, I start my day at the gym and follow it up with a swim at the beach for up to 2 hours.

5. I do what I love to do.  Any work or business I’m involved with are only endeavours I believe in, am passionate about and absolutely love—for example, my coaching business and my aviation business, where I get to be an Aerobatic Pilot.
Here's the thing …
“The Seed” cannot be taught to you or learnt, it must be experienced!

So I can't just give you "The Seed" right now in these words. I can only share with you how it was shared with me. The WTF?! Challenge is how I'm going to share "The Seed" with you:

I require 7-days with you online, where I break down "The Seed" into four segments, which gives you a direct experience of the four pinnacle parts of “The Seed”. It won’t just be something you’ve heard or watched, it is a tangible experience that becomes a future reference point that you can draw on for the rest of your life.

To get started, the first step is to register by clicking the button below.

I know when I share “The Seed” with you, it will literally blow your mind. It will transform your life and what is infinitely possible for you. I see this every time when I share it with thousands of people from all over the world.

“The Seed” changes everything!

~ Amir

PS. The video below asks and answers some of the questions we find come up all the time.

More experiences from WTF?!

What are you waiting for?
If you want to live a big life, you have to be bigger than all of your excuses, your limiting thoughts, and that voice in your head that tells you you’re unworthy and not enough.

To transform your life to the heights you dream of, you have to look yourself in the eyes and be really honest about how you’re willing to show up in your life.

Truthfully, there’s only so long you can run and hide from yourself because eventually, everything you’re avoiding to feel catches up with you. What you avoid perpetuates the cycle. 

Surely, by now, you’re done with repeating the same old life? 

You can’t change what you don’t like or achieve the life you love with the current mindset that has got you to this point of your journey. If you could, you wouldn’t be on this page still looking.

If you haven’t found the answers you seek in all the places you’ve been searching so far, it makes sense to follow the hunch that brought you to this page, and register for The WTF?!

Can you trust that whatever brought you here did so because you decided you wanted something more out of your life?

It’s time to step up and take inspired action right now!!!

Or you can continue living the life you have been up until now and keep hoping that change is around the corner.
The WTF?! Challenge is for you if:
✨  A real truth-seeker who’s travelled the globe searching for the true meaning of life.
✨  Sick and tired of small thinking and repetitive life hurdles.
✨  Done with fixing, changing and improving your life circumstances in order to find happiness.
✨  Ready to stop chasing happiness in the next goal or result and realise it’s now.
✨  Eager to live more freely without attachment to people and possessions.
✨  Exhausted and over people-pleasing in order to be accepted.
✨  Over striving to become someone of importance in order to be loved by the world—because you lack the love for yourself.
✨  Still searching despite conquering mountains and amassing great wealth or success—because you haven’t worked out how to hush that voice which says: “There’s got to be something more. I need to have more and I must become more!”

Live out your INFINITE potential! 

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is NOT for...
Anyone looking for a “magic pill” to fix, improve or change their lives. This program is about you SELF-REALISING—and it works when you work on yourself. When you transform your relationship with your Self, YOU will transform your life. 
Why is this program worth $997 but you are selling it for $47?
For many, this is the first time they’ve heard of me and my work and The Wisdom Truth Freedom (WTF?!) Challenge is my foundational course. For 15 years, I delivered The WTF worldwide in different cities over two days, every weekend at $997 per ticket. When COVID happened, we took The WTF online, and since then, we’ve been able to reach more people without the costs of event spaces and staff.

WTF?! is the most powerful starting point for anyone wanting to create lasting change and happiness in their life. My mission is to bring this to as many people as possible. Money can be a significant obstacle for many people to excuse themselves from doing the work, and a low price means one less excuse and more people doing it.
Is this course just a sales pitch for something else?
The 7-Day Wisdom Truth Freedom Challenge is a core part of my process. Learning this is a starting point to go deeper, and of course, you can go further with me if you choose to, but WTF?! is an entirely standalone program. It offers you enough support to make significant life changes and be happier. You’ll become more empowered to go in any direction you choose. Only at the very end will you be shown what you can do next, and without pressure. 
How much time do I need to dedicate to this?
This 7-day Challenge will transform your life, don't worry about the time it will take. The 7-days is plenty of time to process the 12 part WTF video series. You'll receive one or two videos every second or third day in addition to taking part in Amir's five live one hour sessions. 
What support do I get during the 7-day Challenge?
All participants are invited to join a private and secure live chat service called WhatsApp. Once you're part of our WhatsApp group, you get direct access to certified AZ program Facilitators via the group chat. All attendees have 24/7 support—that's 24 hours a day for 7-days. AZ program Facilitators operate in different time zones around the world, so there's always someone present in the chat to respond.
Do I get to keep the WTF content?
Yes, you can download it and have lifetime access via login to our membership site. 
Do you offer a refund?
Yes, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.
This is your defining MOMENT.
Your life is in your hands, what you do next can change everything!
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